Topics of expopharm 2023

Knowledge, inspiration and future-oriented impulses for the entire pharmacy team



The shortage of skilled workers in pharmacies continues to be a pressing issue. Recruiting staff is crucial for pharmacies to ensure the best possible care for patients.

The stage programme at the ApoLeadership Campus on Thursday, 28.09.2023, includes numerous lectures presenting tried-and-tested strategies and best practice examples for successfully recruiting specialist staff for your pharmacy. From increasing employee motivation to creating new roles in the pharmacy team and recruiting professionals from abroad - learn how to optimise your human resources management and attract the right employees for your pharmacy.

AI and digital innovations

The importance of artificial intelligence (AI) and digital innovations in everyday life is constantly increasing. This development does not stop at pharmacies and will increase in relevance due to the high dynamics. To what extent can you implement this progress in your own pharmacy? How can digital solutions improve the interaction between pharmacy staff and patients?

Discover the diverse possibilities of AI, data use, wearables and other innovations in the pharmacy in the inspirationLAB on Wednesday, 27.09.2023 and in pharma-world on Friday, 29.09.2023.


In recent years, the medical application of cannabis has developed strongly and opens up new possibilities for the treatment of various diseases.

For this reason, the focus topic of cannabis will be at the centre of the programme on Thursday, 28.09.2023 on the pharma-world stage. Find out why cannabis is gaining in importance in the pharmacy and which perspectives and challenges arise from this. The topics range from the role of pharmacists in legalisation, to quality assurance and the outlook for medicinal cannabis in pharmacies.

With the support of the VCA e.V.

Pharmaceutical services

For almost a year now, pharmaceutical services (ps) have been on the rise in pharmacies, improving patient care and strengthening the on-site pharmacy. They offer considerable added value for both patients and pharmacies themselves.

But what is the current state of ps and what prospects will pharmacies face? On Wednesday, 27.09.2023, you will receive a comprehensive overview of this from our experts at pharma-world.

Furthermore, the question arises as to how ps influence the processes and the personnel structure in pharmacies. How can they be seamlessly integrated into the daily work routine? In the presentations and discussions in inspirationLAB on Thursday, 28.09.2023, these and other questions will be answered and the content and process-oriented view of ps will be illuminated.

Pharmacy of the future

At expopharm you will experience what will be important for the pharmacy of tomorrow. Marketing strategies also play a decisive role in positioning your pharmacy successfully and strengthening customer loyalty. Likewise, the topic of sustainability is becoming increasingly important in everyday pharmacy life. How can you reduce your ecological footprint and at the same time offer your customers sustainable solutions? How can young pharmacists bring their own innovative approaches and ideas to everyday pharmacy work and thus help shape the pharmacy of the future? What factors are important for successful pharmacy management? How can a smooth pharmacy takeover or closure be achieved? And how are new technologies, such as wearables and data use, changing the on-site consultation?

You will get the answers to these and other questions on all four days of the fair at the inspirationLAB stage. Look forward to inspiring lectures and exciting discussions that will provide you with valuable impulses for tomorrow's challenges.

Update consultation

The expertise and competence of the pharmacy team in consultation are fundamental for pharmaceutical care. That is why you can expect up-to-date insights into the topics of formulation, pharmacy and advisory competence at the counter on the stages of expopharm.

The heart of pharmacy beats on the pharma-world stage, as top-class scientific contributions on the topics of pharmacy and formulation will take place here on all four days of the trade fair. The certified lecture programme is curated by Prof. Dr. Schubert-Zsilavecz and Prof. Dr. Dingermann and covers topics such as cannabis, infections, pharmaceutical services and many more. Bring your pharmaceutical knowledge up to date and earn continuing education points every day in the process.

In the PTAhome Speakers Corner, the focus is on consultation skills at the counter as well as other current topics for the daily work of the PTA. Our experts will show you how to improve your communication skills and build trusting customer relationships. Be inspired by practical examples and get valuable tips that will take your counselling quality to the next level and enrich your everyday work.

With the support of the DAC/NRF