Newcomer Area

Discover the most innovative start-ups in the industry

Feel the future of the pharmacy industry first hand

The innovative power and creativity of young companies are the focus of this exciting format. Discover innovative start-ups that are redefining the challenges of the industry with their creative ideas and forward-looking concepts.

The Newcomer Area gives young founders the opportunity to present their ideas to an international audience of experts and to meet important customers and partners. Here you will find inspiring visions of the future and new ideas for the business of tomorrow.

The highlight: At the apostart Award, the popular start-up pitch on the InspirationLAB stage, you can participate live and vote for your favourite. Discover the most innovative products and services of the participants and get inspired in the Newcomer Area!

For this purpose, theapostart, the popular start-up pitch, is held live at expopharm every year.

apostart Award Participants have the chance to present their products and services to the pharmacy market and a jury of experts.