Become an exhibitor

  • At the central industry meeting of the year in the pharmacy market
  • Engage with your target group in a variety of ways
  • Benefit from maximum attention within the pharmacy community

Participation opportunities

expopharm 2024

The ideal place to present your company

expopharm - the leading European trade fair for the pharmacy market - brings together pharmacy owners, pharmacists, pharmacy students, PTAs, PCAs and healthcare professionals to find out about the current market, find solutions to challenges and prepare investments.

This makes expopharm the ideal place to make personal contact with your target group. The unique combination of the classic trade fair experience with the opportunity for professional development and scientific exchange makes expopharm the central industry meeting of the year in the pharmacy market.

Be there and present yourself here as a relevant expert and partner, set market impulses and network with your target group in a variety of ways.

expopharm - Neu: Dashboard für Aussteller - Ihr zentraler Dreh- und Angelpunkt

New: Dashboard for Exhibitors -
Your Central Hub

This year, we are presenting the expopharm Dashboard to exhibitors for the first time, giving you a comprehensive overview of your trade fair participation.

The expopharm Dashboard allows you to keep track of your trade fair participation. From managing your company profile to the latest news and important downloads for a successful presentation at expopharm to voucher codes for inviting your customers - here you will find everything you need for your appearance at the leading European trade fair for the pharmacy market.

The dashboard also contains a comprehensive exhibitor checklist, (technical) order forms from Messe München and much more to make your preparations for the trade fair as easy as possible. You will also find your free exhibitor passes there from mid-June.

The link to the dashboard has been sent by e-mail to all approved exhibitors. If you have not received the link or cannot find it, please contact

As an exhibitor, use this innovative service to make your trade fair preparations as easy as possible.

List of main exhibitor products and services

  • 1.1 Medicines (PM=prescription medicines)
  • 1.2 Medicines (POM=pharmacy-only medicines)
  • 1.3 Medicines for special therapies
  • 1.4 Medicines, over-the-counter
  • 1.5 Vaccines
  • 1.6 Veterinary medicines for breeding, hygiene, health
  • 1.7 Vitamins, minerals

  • 2.1 Disinfection agents, cleaning supplies
  • 2.2 Source materials
  • 2.3 Scales
  • 2.4 3D printers

  • 3.1 Tests
  • 3.2 Homecare
  • 3.3 Infant care/baby items
  • 3.4 Heat therapy, cold therapy
  • 3.5 Pain relief devices/TENS devices
  • 3.6 Measuring devices, technical medical devices

  • 4.1 Baby and infant food (standard pharmacy goods)
  • 4.2 Drinks
  • 4.3 Dietetics
  • 4.4 Dietary supplements
  • 4.5 Natural remedies

  • 5.1 Cosmetics and personal care products (standard pharmacy goods)
  • 5.2 Wellness
  • 5.3 Hygiene products

  • 6.1 Pharmacy interior design
  • 6.2 Advertising technical and POS products
  • 6.3 Digital display systems
  • 6.4 Digital display wall/OTC
  • 6.5 Office products and equipment
  • 6.6 Printed items and packaging
  • 6.7 Ventilation and air conditioning
  • 6.8 Medicine fridges and freezers
  • 6.9 Click and collect solutions
  • 6.10 Emergency service equipment
  • 6.11 Decoration, advertising materials

  • 7.1 Automated warehousing systems
  • 7.2 Inventory management software/ERP
  • 7.3 Cash register systems
  • 7.4 Blister packs, blister products
  • 7.5 Technical supplies for pharmacies

  • 8.1 Banks, insurance companies
  • 8.2 Consultancy services, coaching and further education for pharmacies
  • 8.3 Coupon, bonus, customer card, competition providers
  • 8.4 Tax and financial consultancy
  • 8.5 Express, parcel, courier, messenger and transport services
  • 8.6 Import and export
  • 8.7 Emergency service systems
  • 8.8 Pharmaceutical wholesale
  • 8.9 Personnel services
  • 8.10 Software development
  • 8.11 Blister packing
  • 8.12 Contract manufacturing

  • 9.1 Specialist literature, publishing houses
  • 9.2 Online portals
  • 9.3 Database providers

  • 10.1 Tablet cutters
  • 10.2 Scales (for people)
  • 10.3 Emergency and first aid equipment
  • 10.4 Bandaging materials
  • 10.5 Bandages
  • 10.6 Corrective and support equipment
  • 10.7 Support and compression stockings
  • 10.8 Contraceptives
  • 10.9 Pre-dosed medication/dispensers
  • 10.10 Material or drug-like medical devices

  • 11.1 Web shops/online shops
  • 11.2 Payment systems
  • 11.3 Cash register systems
  • 11.4 Card readers
  • 11.5 Payment solutions (apps, mobile payment, online payment)

  • 12.1 Prescription invoicing
  • 12.2 Taxation systems
  • 12.3 Human resource management
  • 12.4 Communication solutions for pharmacies (shift, holiday planning, etc.)

  • 13.1 Health apps
  • 13.2 Wearables
  • 13.3 Online consultation for patients

The facts - convincing figures

Average values of the last years

over 29,000

Trade visitors

thereof over 4,000

Pharmacy owners

thereof over 7,000


thereof over 5,500


thereof over 2,000


thereof over 500


thereof over 32,000 sqm

Total area

Participation opportunities for exhibitors

You can choose between a traditional stand and a stand integrated into our themed areas.

Fair stand

Plan your individual presentation

Add a personal touch to your presentation Ultimate flexibility with your own stand construction Opportunity for creative design ideas

Stand construction package

Move into a pre-constructed stand

Choose between the basic and premium packages Your carefree all around package A big impact with little expenditure

Newcomer Area

Participation opportunity for young companies, subsidized by Avoxa Mediengruppe

Cost-effective all-inclusive-package: attractive stand construction and high quality equipment Present your solutions and ideas to an international expert audience Acquire future customers, investors and business partners


Your meeting point for an open exchange with pharmaceutical laboratory assistants

The meeting point for pharmaceutical laboratory assistants at expopharm Knowledge transfer, advisory expertise and new products for pharmaceutical laboratory assistants Position yourself as an expert or a partner for this important target group

Boulevard France

Demonstrate the relevance of French Healthcare in the healthcare market

Present your products and solutions at the joint stand for French Healthcare. Gain easier access to the German pharmacy market. Meet your target groups from Germany and abroad.

Participation opportunities for the expopharm programme

Extend your position as an exhibitor further and become part of the programme, by participating in different stage formats.


Enhance your pharmaceutical advisory expertise in your pharmacy team

Accredited scientific lecture programme Present yourself as an expert in the pharmaceutical sector Integrate your own topics and speakers in the stage programme


Present your innovative topics for tomorrow’s pharmacy

Inspirations and incentives for future challenges within the pharmacy market Be a partner of tomorrow’s pharmacy Leave a sustainable mark with your local pharmacies

ApoLeadership Campus

Train executive staff for future challenges

Everything on enterprises in a successful pharmacy Share your knowledge as an expert and present yourself as leadership expert Enhance the enthusiasm for jobs with local pharmacies


Open exchange with pharmacy teams

Enhance your knowledge and develop solutions in small groups Get in contact with your target group Take part in the exchange of knowledge with pharmacy teams

Guided Tours

Let your stand become a stage

Up to 30 participants will be guided directly to your stand Face-to-face presentations of your products or services Generate new customer contacts, who’s lead you will receive afterwards

Advertising/marketing and sponsoring services

Show presence beyond your exhibition stand

In order for you as an exhibitor to achieve maximum visibility at expopharm, we have put together a variety of interesting options for you. Here you will find the right solution for every wish to optimally accompany your trade fair appearance.

In addition to the classic advertising media in the run-up to expopharm, you can extend your presentation during the trade fair beyond your stand with our sponsoring offers on site in Düsseldorf as well as online.

Simply put together your own advertising package. We will do the rest for you.

Contact for Exhibitors

We assist you with the implementation and realization of your appearance

United Kingdom, Ireland


Mrs. Marleen Meyer
9 Manchester Square
London W1U 3PL
Great Britain

Telephone: +44 20 7886 3121
Telefax: +44 20 7886 3101

(Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden)

DanCare Sales ApS

Mr. Carsten N. Holm
Bakkestjernevej 8
3390 Hundested

Telephone: +45 47 940160
Telefax: +44 20 7886 3101

France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands

AND – Allgemeine Netzwerk Dienste

Mrs. Ursula Heising

Telephone: + 49 2235 987791
Mobile: + 49 175 25 68 155

Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia

Via Bulgaria GmbH

Mr. Ralf Petrov
Gerber Str. 4, App. 11
1619 Sofia

Telephone: +359 888 598660
Telefax: +359 2 9581193


Via Invernizzi International Sales SA

Telephone: +39 02 86897000


World Expo International Sp. z o.o
Mr. Filip Kantowicz

Mob: +48 501486139
Telephone:+48 52 3216910

For all other countries

Mr. Olcay Arslan
Carl-Mannich-Straße 26
65760 Eschborn

For all other countries

Ms. Lisa Hoellger
Carl-Mannich-Straße 26
65760 Eschborn

For all other countries

Mrs. Franziska Zschoch
(parental leave)

Telephone: +49 6196 928 821

For all other countries

Ms. Lisa Hoellger
Carl-Mannich-Straße 26
65760 Eschborn